Certified Decorating Professional ® 
Become a Certified Decorating Professional ® (CDP) today!

A student of the Certified Decorating Professional ® programs must complete a minimum of 3 days of studio training or enroll in the (basic) home study program. Upon completion of either course, the student must pass a final exam and complete a final project for review in order to be certified. Once a student has completed the necessary requirements, they may use the designation CDP or Certified Decorating Professional ® when marketing their services.
Approved Schools & Programs


  • Overview of interior decorating, interior redesign, and home staging
  • The importance of design principles - building blocks for learning
  • Planning space in real time - style guide and tips
  • Photographs and exercises to support learning
  • Begin creating your design board

  • Learning the key components of pattern, texture, and fabric
  • Color theory, practice, and psychology - consulting practices, tips and guidelines
  • Hands-on work with color, fabric, and additional design elements
  • Pulling materials and finishes together
  • Continue creating your design board
  • *Optional field trip

  • The art of accessorizing - hands-on exercises in the studio
  • Pulling it all together - the decorating plan, packages, and pricing
  • Communicating with clients and the trade - building your team
  • Completion and presentation of your final design board
  • Continued support, review, and critique
  • *Optional field trip

DAY 4 - Business by Design (Optional or stand alone - Only offered in Peterborough NH location)
  • How to get yourself up and running - legally
  • Business structure and guidelines
  • Forms, contracts, fees, and services
  • Communication skills - presentations 
  • Marketing a design business today - what works, what doesn't

DAY 5 - Redesign/Staging (Optional or stand alone - Only offered in Peterborough NH location)
  • Overview of redesign and staging - how they blend and differ
  • Step by step no-fail process
  • Redesign and staging guidelines and tips
  • Introduction to vacant home staging - inventory and rentals
  • Forms, contracts, fees, and services

DAY 6 - ​(Information coming soon!)

The Certified Decorating Professional ® program(s) will equip you with the right tools and techniques to offer your clients affordable and creative solutions. You will work with a variety of materials including paints, fabric and accessories. From tabletop to bookcase, you will be able to create an array of looks while learning the design principles behind proper placement. Once you return home, you will also receive access to the virtual classroom (online study materials) filled with additional information and photographs that work side by side with your other study materials. 


The CDP program(s) provides many hands-on projects for the student to complete which are thoroughly reviewed and critiqued by the instructor. 

We go above and beyond other home study programs by offering unlimited access to the instructor. You will not receive taped or recorded instruction. You will receive written and live telephone instruction, review and project critiques that will allow you to interact on a more personal level. The virtual classroom allows you to review information both with your instructor and on your own time.


You will need access to a computer Camera for taking pictures (preferably digital). Miscellaneous materials, including a ruler, double-sided tape or glue stick, scissors and 25’ measuring tape Magazine and catalog pictures. Fabric samples (To include in project assignments. Minimum yardage: less than 1/8 yard per sample required). And color card samples (Readily available at your local home improvement store).

  • Space Planning Exercises
  • Additional Mock Client Design Plan 
  • An Interior Redesign of Two Rooms 
  • Accessory Placement Exercises 
  • Color and Fabric Boards
  • Module Review Questionnaires 
  • Final Design Plan and Exam 

The Fine Print: The course fee covers all materials, time spent reviewing materials, and correspondence with the instructor. Students will be responsible for mailing all project assignments. The manual is emailed in pdf format for you to print and/or view on your computer screen. Additional forms/assignments may be sent to the student in Word format for easy delivery. 

Certified Decorating Professional ® is a registered trademark filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
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Classroom Programs:

Academy of Design and Decorating
Peterborough, NH

School of Interior Redesign
Milford, CT

Lotus Designs
Los Angeles, CA

Home Study Programs:

Certified Decorating Professional ® 

Study Materials:
  • A 300+ page manual 
  • Space planning kit
  • Color wheel
  • Miscellaneous supplies

Studio programs and materials vary. Please contact the school or instructor for more details.
Please see a complete list of details here. (Manuals are updated annually and may be changed.)