Certified Decorating Professional ® 
Become a Certified Decorating Professional ® (CDP) today!

Each of the Certified Decorating Professional ® programs is designed with you and your schedule in mind! Spend 3 days in the studio learning all of the placement techniques and tricks of the trade then take your new knowledge home and continue studying to hone your skills. You'll have access to the Virtual Classroom which features many of the projects you'll see during the power point presentation and you'll complete additional exercises that you can send in for review and critique! This program is the most comprehensive of its kind!
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Hands-on experience: We all learn by doing. You'll be able to put into practice everything you've learned from the manual and virtual classroom materials through a variety of hands-on exercises. Each module requires a minimum of 1 physical exercise and 1 written exercise. The exercises increase in time and difficulty the further you delve into the course. The goal of these assignments is to confirm your training techniques and strengthen the concepts you have learned, as well as to help you develop your professional skills. You will participate in:

  • 3-4 Space Planning Exercises
  • Module Review Questionnaires 
  • An Interior Redesign of Two Rooms 
  • Several Accessory Placement Exercises 
  • 2 Color and Fabric Boards
  • Selecting appropriate surface/design materials
  • Art placement diagrams
  • Additional Mock Client Design Plan 
  • Final Design Plan and Exam 

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Chapters 1-3

An introduction to the world of design and decorating, you will learn about the definitions of each decorating service you may wish to offer your clients and how to create a niche within a niche.

Each program is based on tried and true design principles that serve as the foundation of everything you will learn about in upcoming modules. Find out how balance and visual interest are achieved by applying these principles right down to the smallest detail and within every service you offer. You will be able to create rooms the suit your client's needs, which makes each job, and each design plan unique. A Certified Decorating Professional ® follows the adage: form follows function.

Sometimes a room is arranged on paper and sometimes it's not. Learn the difference between reworking the room with existing furnishings and in less than a day, and how to create a functional plan on paper. Learn the art of arrangement old school, and the new school way. You'll explore room and wall shapes, how to work with and create focal points and how to evaluate a space by problem solving.

Chapters 4-6

Learning about historical reference and architectural styles is key, but learning how to mix and blend those styles is essential in today's design world. You will learn how to work with existing styles, how to rework furnishings with new purchases, and create a look through mood and feeling.

Every design element you choose has pattern and texture. Learn how to combine patterns together, where to use pattern, and how to create depth and interest when using textiles, fabrics and finishing touches.

Learn how to create a lighting pattern, how light functions, and select fixtures that make a room both functional and attractive.

Chapters 7-9

In addition to pattern and texture, everything has color. Learn how to work with a variety of color tools to help your clients select paint color and a colorful interior without ever having to pick up a paint brush. You'll explore how color makes us feel, which color schemes work well together, and how color can change the mood and feeling of a room. Color consulting is a big business and you can use your skills to offer independent color consultations to your clients. You will learn how to conduct a professional color consultation.

Windows and Walls are big ticket items when it comes to design. But helping your clients select the right materials will help the room come together. You will learn how pattern, color, and texture play a role in your selections.

It's all in the details. You will use design principles down to the smallest detail while infusing your client's personality into the mix. Learn how to use art and accessories to complement the design of a room. These tried and true techniques are the science behind the design. You can create an array of looks again and again. 

Chapters 10-12

Good design starts from the floor up and knowing which surface materials to work with and recommend is key. You'll explore materials, fixtures, and finishes that will enhance the function and beauty of a home.

Each room needs certain details in order to work. Help your clients put together rooms based on the basic needs and details of each space and work with creative solutions to help your clients save money.

Behind every successful decorating plan lies forms and techniques that keep you and your clients organized. You will learn how to approach each design job, how to keep your clients on task, communicate effectively, and present your ideas in several formats. 

Chapters 13+14 / Resource & Style Guide

Working with clients and other trade professionals requires a certain set of skills in order to communicate effectively, as well as build relationships that will keep your business going well into the future. In addition, you'll explore ways to price your services.

The Resource and Style Guide is perfect for quick reference and helpful tips again and again. You'll learn about standard measurements and guidelines, how to work with trade resources and contractors, and get acquainted with green design methods.

This is a brief overview of the chapters in the manual. If you have any questions, please call us directly for more details.


Get your business up and running. You'll learn everything you need to start and structure your business (legally), how to create a workable (easy) business plan, what types of insurance policies are necessary, simple bookkeeping methods, and how to use organizational tools and forms to keep you focused and organized. In addition, you will learn how to promote your business using both conventional and creative marketing methods. 

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Interior redesign, or the art of using the clients’ own furnishings to create the inviting look and feel of the clients’ dreams, is a fast-growing alternative to conventional design and decorating. And now you can learn everything you need to offer this lower cost service to your clients – and in the comfort of your own home.

This complete training package provides the all information you need, beginning with the philosophy of interior redesign, all the way through client relations – nothing is left out! 

Staging a home to sell involves both marketing and creative techniques that show off a homes best features. You will learn how to apply design principles when staging homes, the basics of staging, what staging is and isn't, about the variety of staging services you can offer, how to work with realtors and sellers and so much more. 

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Certified Decorating Professional ® is a registered trademark filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
The personal touch: We understand that each student is unique, which is why the Certified Decorating Professional ® programs contain both text and photographs, hands-on exercises, and a personal review and critique of each study module and program exercise. In addition, you will receive ongoing support even after the course is complete!

The virtual classroom: This password protected area was designed to inspire you with beautiful photographs and serves as a resource center where you have access to course materials (for quick download), and a plethora of trade resources and discount programs that you can take advantage of immediately.

Creative and business training: As you move through the course, you will gain confidence in your ability to expertly select materials and a functional design plan for your client. From conducting a professional decorating consultation to working with clients and the trade, we provide a myriad of forms and templates you can customize yourself to work with you and your business. In addition, you will be given the option to select from one of our CDP supplements -- Business by Design (everything you need to know to set up and market your business) or Interior Redesign. Please contact us for more details and pricing.