Certified Decorating Professional ® 
Become a Certified Decorating Professional ® (CDP) today!

The Certified Decorating Professional ® (CDP) program(s) were created to offer professional training options in the interior design industry focusing on the art of interior decorating. Whether you choose to take a live class program, or learn from the comfort of your home, you can be assured that you are receiving a quality education in the fields of interior decorating. 

The CDP program(s) take practical learning and hands-on training to a new level. Feeling there was a need in the market for additional creative training for interior design professionals, and a more affordable option for receiving professional training in the field of interior decorating, creator Kimberly Merritt of the Academy of Design and Decorating, put together these programs to fill that need. The program(s) is based on the elements of interior design and decoration, and contain the latest techniques and information available today. Written from a designer's perspective, the CDP programs couple practical learning and hands-on exercises based in both creative and business practices.

As a Certified Decorating Professional ® (CDP), you will be recognized as a professional in your field. Interior decorating does not adhere to the government regulations interior designers must follow and allows you to work creatively and along with, or independent of, interior designers, contractors, and architects. 

You can feel confident that the credentials you earn as a Certified Decorating Professional ® (CDP) will arm you with the practical and professional skills necessary to begin a career in interior decorating. Each study module and related hands-on activity is thoroughly critiqued. And in addition to the study materials, your one-on-one contact and support with your instructor is an invaluable tool when learning. 

Certified Decorating Professional ® is a registered trademark filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
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