Certified Decorating Professional ® 
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The Certified Decorating Professional ® programs were created to fill a gap in the world of interior design. The CDP programs are for individuals who have a passion for design and seek educational training and support to be recognized as a professional in the interior design industry. These programs are not designed to take the place of any formal interior design education, but work in concert with any formal program and function as independent study that requires no additional training. (Please see FAQs to read the difference between interior design and interior decorating.) Now find a class!
P R E M I E R E   P R O G R A M
3+ Days in the Classroom + Home Study
Hands-on Training - Reviewed and Critiqued
Come see what it's all about!

The CDP program(s) are designed to prepare you for an exciting career in interior decorating. Each program is based on tried and true design principles that you may apply to several specialized fields of design, and include interior redesign, home staging, and color, in addition to conventional interior decorating services. 

The Certified Decorating Professional ® programs are available in both home study and studio formats. You'll receive one-on-one instruction, and participate in a variety of hands-on projects regardless of the course format. Each exercise is reviewed and critiqued by a professional design instructor. 

Just imagine!

"Have you ever dreamed about a career as an interior decorator? Not only do you receive professional training, but you will also become part of a 
network of professionals that
support you every step of the way!"
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